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Oxygen Analyzer

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Oxygen Analyzer
Item No.: OA-01A001A









Power 8 - 15VDC / 12mA
Dimensions / Weights 142mm x 89mm x 28mm / 198g
Flow measurement range 0 - 10.0LPM
Can be customized according to user requirements 0 - 20.0LPM, direct measurement bypass
Flow measurement resolution ±0.01LPM
Flow measurement accuracy ±0.2LPM or of reading 4% (whichever is greater)
Max. measurement pressure 150 kpa
Operation ambient 0 ~ 40℃/≤90%RH
Storage ambient -20℃ ~ 85℃/≤90%RH

Oxygenconcentration measurement range

20% ~ 96%

Oxygenconcentration measurement accuracy

Response 0.5s
Calibrations Factory calibration, do not need to re calibrate  



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