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Continuous & Pulse dose
Item No.: OX-2A


Oxygen Concentration 87%-96% at all settings
Flow Settings and Pulse Volumes Pulse Mode
1-12 Settings = 6 ml- 72 ml;
+/- 15% or 4 ml, whichever is greater (Average of 20 consecutive breaths)
Equal to 6 liters in Continuous mode.
Continuous Mode
0.5-2 Liter , whichever is greater (3 minute running average)
Note: Max recommended flow is 2 LPM (at nominal outlet pressures of 0 and 7 kPa).
User Interface Power switch, Push buttons, back-light liquid crystal display (LCD)
Dimensions 200 (L) X 230(W) X 325(H)mm
Weight 5.4Kg
Sound Level 46 dBA max. at Nominal Continuous Mode Setting of 2
Front  1M
Audio Alarm 50 decibels (nominal) at 39 in. (1 m)
Outlet Pressure 8.5 psi +/- 0.5psi
*Based on an atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psi (101 kPa) at 70°F (21°C)


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